Child Care Specialists Australia Childcare Specialists Australia P/L has been designing and building childcare centre developments for a number of years. All of our work has come through strictly a word of mouth process. Your main interest in child care maybe the operating of a centre or the owning of a centre, but before the centre can operate, it must first be developed. If you are looking to develop a child care centre then this web site provides information concerning the development expertise required. This web site outlines the important stages in the development of a child care centre.

The development of a centre includes three stages: design stage, the approval stage, and the construction stage. Often prospective centre owners and operators have little expertise in the development of a centre and many do not know where to begin.

All of the three development stages are critical in producing an efficient centre in terms of the actual centre operation and also the investment cost. Poor design may lead to a centre that can not be managed well by staff, or simply is too expensive to build which in return produces poor investment returns.

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The design stage effectively commences as soon as you begin searching for land on which to develop a centre. You maybe well aware of the demographics of the local areas in which you wish to develop a centre, however, the suitability of identified land needs to be assessed. The land area will dictate the size of the centre, and hence, the number of children that the centre can accommodate. The shape of the land will dictate the centre layout, and hence, the operating efficiency of the centre, and the cost of construction of the centre. The topography of the land will dictate the levels of the centre's car parking, disabled access, play areas, and to a great extent, the cost of construction of the centre. Accessibility of the centre can greatly influence occupancy rates.

The centre design needs to take into account the statutory requirements for play room sizes, play area sizes, under cover areas, toilet facilities, change tables, showers, drinking fountains, etc.You may have your own wants for reception areas, entry foyers, interview rooms, parent rooms, store rooms, and staff areas. Kitchens and kitchenettes need to comply with the local authority regulations. Toilets need to be supplied for staff and the disabled. The design must take all of these elements into consideration, combined with the land shape and size, and provide an operating and cost-of-construction efficient solution.

The centre design must also take into account your desired architectural appearance. The design must determine the most cost effective solution to deliver that architectural brief. The centre appearance will have no effect on the efficiency of the centre, but visually appealing architecture can promote the centre. Hence, the extra construction costs generally associated with more elaborate architectural appearance can be reimbursed via greater occupancy rates that may be attributed directly to the architectural appeal of the centre.

The authority approval stage is complex, particularly for those unfamiliar with the required approvals. The first approval required is the development approval allowing the land to be used for the purpose of a child care centre. This approval can be onerous, and can take a lengthy period to be approved. The approval will nominate:

The construction stage can be the most daunting. The first step is to identify the construction price. A fixed price can be obtained when the DA and the CC have been finalised. The approved consultants' drawings and a specification of works need to be supplied to us to enable an acurate figure to be given. The documents need to be as complete and correct as possible to minimise variations during the construction works.

Upon arriving at an agreed price and scope of work, you need to sign a suitable contract with us for the works. The contract will protect both our Company and you. In construction, at the end of the day, the only relationship that exists between you and the us is the contract.

The construction works should only begin once a contract is signed by both parties. For the term of the contract, you must fulfil your obligations under the contract with respect to the provision of requested information, certification and payment of progress claims, and assessment and certification of variations to the contract; all within the time periods stated in the contract. For the term of the contract, the contractor must fulfil their obligations under the contract being the construction of the centre in accordance with the documents, to the appropriate standard of workmanship, and in the time specified in the contract.

The period of the construction work is an intense and critical time as we work to ensure that our completion program fits in with your advertising or marketing dates in launching your business . We pride ourselves on the fact that once a project is commenced we work to finish and not move our own contractors between different projects. We have maintained the same team of contractors for the past ten years and our team is constanly expanding. The contractors are building childcare centres or child related projects everyday and are familiar with the BCA standards and regulations regarding the internal and external finishes expected by DOCS.

We offer the most hassle free, and most secure manner for you to develop a centre and that is to embrace the concept of design and construct. There are few companies who offer design and construction expertise in this particular industry. There are numerous benefits for proceeding with the development of a centre using a design and construction format.

The total cost of the centre is known from the outset. Instead of proceeding through the design and approval stages with only estimates being provided by the consultants, our design and construction process can provide a price that not only includes the cost of construction, but also costs for the design and approval components of the development. This means you can know your finance requirements even before the settlement on the land occurs, or even before a commitment is made on the land.

Childcare Specialists Australia would be responsible for all the design and documentation, and therefore, during the construction stage, deficiency in documentation is our problem, and therefore can not lead to variations.

Combining the design, approval and construction stages into one contract can dramatically shorten the overall development period by eliminating the tendering and post tender processes. Also, there can be overlaps in the stages. The approval stage does not necessarily need to wait for complete design, and the construction stage does not have to wait for all the approvals to be obtained. This is possible because the design and construction company is responsible for all stages, and hence, can streamline the critical parts of each stage.

The cost of construction can be reduced because design and construction process allows us to tailor a package that suits your budget and requirements. We are more up to date with cost effective construction than the consultants, and therefore, they can utilise this knowledge in our designs.